Yoga for companies

Are your employees or yourself experiencing stress, muscle aches and pains due to poor sitting or standing posture?

Yoga helps to bring about alignment of the delicate balance between body, mind, emotions and spirit:

  • Reduce stress, tension and anxiety in both work and life
  • Improve moral, stamina & performance
  • Increase concentration, efficiency,  confidence
  • Improve health which reduce the frequency of falling sick and absences from work
  • Improve posture which helps in reducing muscles tension and pain due to long hours of standing or sitting in front of the computer.
  • Foster closer relationship between colleagues
  • Energize the body and mind and rejuvenate the whole being

Natalia brings Yoga to your working place and customized the programs to meet the needs of each company. Classes can be scheduled before work, during lunch hours or after work (each class is generally for an hour or 75 min. session).